Your First Month Of Growing A Beard

Thinking about growing a beard? Then this is the perfect first timers guide for your start into the bearded world. Whether you plan to grow a full vikings beard or prefer the more subtle minimalist look, this helpful guide will set you up for the first month of your bearded journey. 

Week 1

The first week is all about leaving your facial hair to grow. There's really nothing you can (or should) do at this stage and the key is to let your beard get started. Your facial hair will feel weird (and look weird) during this first week. The key is to leave it alone and to get a sense for the final shape of your beard. 

Your beard may start to become itchy during the first week. It's vital that you leave it alone and don't scratch - as scratching will likely lead to infection. Instead of stopping the itch with your nails, we recommend investing in a high quality organic beard oil. The best way to use beard oil is by applying 3-4 drops every day into the palm of your hand. Then spread the goodness across your jaw focusing mostly on the areas where you are starting to notice growth. 

Week 2

During this week you're starting to get a feel for your beard. Ask yourself, how is my beard shaping up? Where is it patchy and where it’s thick? These questions ill help you pick a style that best suits your face.  We're still wanting our beard to grow so ensure you're not trimming or shaving the beast. Week 1 and two are the hardest parts - your beard wont look great and it certainly wont feel great either. It will still be itchy so keep applying that beard care oil to keep irritation at bay. 

Week 3

Now is the time to give yourself a pat on the back. You've made it through the hardest two weeks of growing a beard and everything is only going to get better from, hair, on out. Your beard should be starting to take some shape which means the fun begins! Now it's time to get to shaping your beard. You'll need a high quality organic beard balm to keep those pesky stray hairs at bay as well as keep everything in order.

Week 4

You've made it to the final week of your first month - congratulations! From here on out the painful patchiness and itch should be starting to subside. Replacing it is the beginnings of your new vikings beard. For the rest of your journey, we recommend picking up the all in organic beard care kit as it contains everything for the next phase of your bearded journey. 

So you've made it through the first month of your bearded journey, what next? It's now time to pick a style of beard that suits you best. 

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