How To Care For Your Beard

Growing a beard is anything but easy. It takes persistence, determination and a good bit of care - kinda like owning a puppy - but growing a beard is the single biggest thing you can do to transform your look. It's easy to see why so many people want to grow a beard, it really will transform your look. When done right. That's why we've made this quick guide to show you how to care for and groom your new beast! 

On your journey you will likely come across a few challenges and questions: “why is my beard so itchy?!”, "how do I stop the irritation?" and “How do I keep control of this monster?”. Not to worry though, because we're here to help you over come these challenges. So let's dive in!


The key to growing a great beard is keeping the skin underneath your beard moisturised. Think of it like a house in which you need a great foundation. Keeping the skin underneath your beard healthy will prevent irritation, increase beard growth and also make your beard more manageable. 

Natural Beard oils, made from quality ingredients, are perfect for softening and conditioning your beard. This makes it much more controllable for you as well as preventing nasty skin irritation and itchiness - a double win! They also replenish natural oils from the skin that is lost during the day. This helps to further prevent itchiness and gives your beard a healthy shine.  

Beard balm helps to moisturise your beard, as well as provide a good level of hold to keep your beard in check. It will also help to improve your beards ability to generate natural oils, further increasing growth. Using beard balm with a brush or comb, will help to iron out any wonky hairs. This increases the uniformity of your beard, helping improve the overall look. 




As your beard grows, it becomes more demanding - kinda like a teenager. Whilst a longer beard tends to garner more respect, it also requires more effort to maintain. It's time to call in the the cavalry in the form of some hardware - brushes, trimmers and combs to be exact. 

Enter, the high quality brush. Brushing your beard rejuvenates the skin underneath by getting rid of dead cells. This, will help support your skin - the base of this whole operation. Combing your mane will improve your overall look and help to stimulate natural oil growth. 

The final stage is trimming your beard to keep it in line. We don't recommend electric shavers at Banjos because they’re often less suited to careful shaping. Instead we recommend beard scissors which are compact, use rounded tips to avoid cutting yourself and will easily cut through the thickest beard hair. We also recommend these scissors be made from stainless steal as this will prevent rust from beard oils and balms. 

It's best to go to a barber to get this done for the first few trimming sessions. You don't want to spend months growing a beard, only to waste it with a miscalculated trim. Once you have seen how the pros do it, you can then take the the beast by the manes and dig into some trimming. 




Growing a full length beard takes time, skill and determination. It's by no means an easy feet so when you get to this stage, your beard truly will be demanding respect and turning heads. Now we're talking!

Now that you have reached this stage, you are pretty much an expert when it comes to your beard. But like any true expert, you know you can always keep learning. One product to bring into your arsenal is a quality beard balm.

So there you have it, the key ingredients to grooming and caring for your beard. Armed with this knowledge and these products, you will be able to take your beard from nothing to champion status in no time. Remember, a great beard can only be had with great products backing it up.

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