Guide To The Minimalist Beard - For The Classy Man

A big bushy beard takes a lot of time, energy and effort to grow and maintain. Whilst some men prefer the beast mode look, others prefer the more minimalistic look. The short, well kept beard brings with it a more classic style that suits some urban beards-men.  So if you're going to do it, do it right with our handy guide to a minimalist beard.


Bearded man sitting at a bar with a coffee


A minimalist beard is all about balancing the length. Too short and you're looking at a business beard. Too long and you've become a viking. A minimalist beard sits smack bang in the middle - think about five months of growth with a groomed but natural mustache. This style still requires maintenance such as shaping and trimming, but they are fewer and farther between, and don't need to be overly complicated. The main priority is to use a quality pair of trimming scissors with the aim of maintaining the natural shape and length of your beard. Be sure to take off any wiry hairs that are sticking out, and cut down the split ends and fly-aways. There's really not a whole lot involved which is what makes this style so great. 

This also means that your grooming routine for getting your beard under control is going to be streamlined and easy -the shorter style means less persuading your hairs to fall in line - making the bearded experience much easier and more enjoyable. 

Your goal is to keep everything looking natural, including your mustache. The same goes here - basic trimming and maintenance, nothing over the top.   


Like any beard, the minimalist requires regular washing and conditioning for it to really shine. The key here is not to overdo it. We recommend using beard wash and beard conditioner two to three times a week to keep the beast fresh. Giving your beard two to three days in between washes helps to promote natural oils, giving your beard that rugged look. Shy away from washing your beard everyday as this will strip away the natural oils and spoil the look.


The greatest aspect of the minimalist beard is just how low maintenance it is. You don't need to spend hours every day keeping it in shape. Likewise, you don't need to go overboard with the beard care products. 

Stick to a small kit of products for making your beard look and feel great - nothing too over the top. We recommend a good pair of trimming scissors, a decent brush or comb, and some beard oil and balm for conditioning your beard. You can find all this in our Organic beard care kit. The balm and oil in this kit are smooth conditioners that are perfect for keeping your hair and beard soft and hydrated. They are also built to keep your skin and tattoos moisturized and healthy - pretty much the best in care for your beard!

Keeping your beard simple is a great way to bring enjoyment back to having a beard. It's low maintenance, looks and feels great and fits well with most looks.

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