Gaining Confidence With Your Beard


Have you ever felt looked down upon because of your beard? Are you worried if it is unprofessional? Or do you worry that your beard hurts you professionally?

It's easy to feel nervous when growing a beard at work, the corporate world can seem sterile, as if it looks down upon the bearded ones 

But what about all the rockstars, athletes, celebrities and business leaders who are rocking their champions mane? Why don't these superstars care about what other people think? One word..


man with large grey beard and glasses at a sports event


The beard and the confidence came before they made it. The success and fame is a byproduct of the confidence. When a man grows a beard, it is the physical manifestation of his confidence. 

Learn from the best in the business, being yourself and growing out your mane is one of the purest expressions of your confidence that you can make. It shows that you won't let other people push you around. It shows that you own your own style and no one can tell you otherwise.

These are just a few big wigs who grew out their mane:

  • Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak - The driving forces behind Apple, these men grew out their man manes and we feel they did pretty well.
  • Larry EllisonOracle – This man sits in the top ten richest people in the world. Needless to say, he does what he wants and gets shit done as a result.
  • Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Easily one of the coolest CEOs around, this man has sold everything from records to space flights - all whilst rocking a solid mane.
  • Dwayne "the rock" Johnson - Needing no introduction, this man has more accomplishments under his belt than most would know what to do with. He gets shit done and he has a beard, what a champion.

Take a look at the list of billionaires and you'll see just how many out there are sporting beards. 


Dwayne Johnson wearing an unbuttoned shirt whilst cracking his knuckles


Not so long ago, growing a beard meant people would think you were either homeless, shady or a hippie. Whilst there's nothing wrong with that (except maybe being shady) it's not the impression you would want to make in the corporate world. You want to show you are confident, that you take no prisoners and will get the job done.

Over the last few years there has been a big shift in what it means to have a beard. What was once something to shave is now a sign of confidence. Having a beard shows your boss and those around you that you are confident being yourself, that you wont let others push you around... after all, lions grow them right? 

The truth is, a more confident man will work better and achieve better results. Growing your beard will make you more productive and effective at your job because it makes you feel and look good. This gives you confidence in the way you hold yourself and interact. This confidence gives you a positive attitude which is one the single biggest attributes of success.


Tattooed man emerging from water with long hair


Ultimate, the more confidence you have the more you can achieve. If you believe you can do something you're much more likely to achieve it over someone who doesn't even try because they don't think it's possible.

So who are you? My bet is that your are a man who is free to be himself – independent and confident. You don't let negative opinions get in the way of your success. You are the dude who is going to make shit happen.


The foundation to any man who gets shit done is confidence. If you believe something is worth shooting for then you will put your hand up and give it your best shot. This is clearly better than the alternative, not even trying. 

Our society has become so much more inclusive and accepting. Growing a beard shouldn't open you up to ridicule. It will make you happier and healthier and if it does mean you are looked down upon, then it's probably time you find a more inclusive working environment. A good leader wont care what you look like. All they will ask is if you make them money and get shit done. 

Since a good boss only cares about the results you bring in, and since having a beard makes you more confident -  leading to better results - then growing a beard should be your priority. 

If you do what your boss asks and to a high standard then you are a professional. Professionalism is not a look – it’s an attitude. Attitude comes from confidence. Confidence is improved by having a beard. The beard is just the start, but a damn good one at that. Take pride in your beard, your appearance, attitude and effort. Rock and keep being you, champion.

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