4 Habits Killing Your Beard

Here at Eleven, we're all about caring for your beard. Not only do we provide the highest quality beard products on the market, we also provide great beard tips for keeping your mane in tip top shape. Whilst we usually talk about the do's of growing a beard, today it's time for the four habits you'll need to kick in order to grow a champions beard. 

Don't skip the gym

Exercise is the corner stone of any healthy man. Regularly hitting the gym doesn't just keep you physically fit, it also improves your mental health by relieving stress and woes. Working out does this by boosting your serotonin levels - a hormone that boosts your 'feel good' factor - and has been proven to help kick stresses to the curb. 

Whilst sleeping in and skipping the gym is the easy option, it's by far and away the worst option. Make sure you're starting your day off right by getting in a workout - even just 30 minutes will do the trick.

A healthy mind equates to a healthy body. A healthy body promotes better hair growth, which includes your champions mane. Supplement the gym with healthy eating to further encourage facial hair growth. This means eating more foods like nuts, raisins, eggs, potatoes and red meats which will all take your beard game to the next level.

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Stop going overboard on the drink.

There's nothing worse on your body then partying too hard too often. The key is moderation, a few drinks every now and then wont kill you but regularly sinking back 30 standard drinks every Friday will give your body (not to mention liver) some serious issues. 

Having enough water is a key aspect of growing a great beard. Our friend alcohol dehydrates the body which hinders hair growth. Furthermore, this dehydration will decrease the bodies zinc levels, which will strip your hair of crucial nutrients needed to grow a great beard. 

Naturally, we here at Banjos love to get loose every now and then - just think about your beard the next time you go out. Once in a while is fine but you'll start to see problems if your weekend routine incorporates a Friday and Saturday night bender. Learn to get loose without the need of alcohol and you'll not only be the life of the party but you'll have a champions beard to match for your efforts!

Don't let the beast get out of control!

Growing a great beard doesn't mean leaving your hair to grow for a few months. It takes regular maintenance to grow a champions beard. If your leave your beard to grow without applying some control, your facial hair will grow wispy, thin, dry and patchy - not a great look.

The best way to care for your beard is by regularly using organic beard oils and beard balms at least three times a week. Ensure you're choosing high quality, organic products to maximise your bearded potential because a lower quality product can strip away essential oils and dry out your facial hair in the process.

The easiest way to make using beard products your new routine is to apply the oils and balms straight after the shower. This helps to lock in the moisture and is also a convenient and easy time to get that beard care in. 

Lastly, ensure you are regularly trimming your beard to shape and remove any stray hairs and split ends. This ensures a tidy look for your beard and also promotes further beard growth. You can always do this yourself with a good pair of trimming scissors. If not though, a skilled barber is your go to for maintaining the mane.

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Don't stick with the same style - mix it up 

A beard is an expression of who you are. You wont truly know which style suits you unless you give it a go. The best part of having a beard is just how easy it is to give a new style a go.

There's so many different styles of beard to choose from that knowing which style will suit you can be difficult to find. Our best advice is if you see something you like, give it a go! Feel free to check out our Insta at https://www.instagram.com/banjosbeardcare/ for some inspo.

Whatever you decide on, a barber is always a great start if you don't feel comfortable. Not only are the good ones skilled with a pair of trimmers, but they will also have a great idea of what will suit your face. Specifically, matching your new beard to your facial shape.

That's our four habits to kick to the curb when it comes to growing a great beard. You don't have to do everything under the sun in order to grow a great mane, but kicking these four habits and replacing them with good ones will be a sure fire way to get your beard game on point. 

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